XOCOLATA JOLONCH Food and Drink Agramunt Lleida
Jolonch extra-fine chocolate is characterised by its wide variety of flavours and its presentation in a kraft box. Chocolates that surprise with their original combination of textures and flavours, always using top quality fruits and nuts.
Chocolate cocoa 60% Orange
Dark chocolate 90% cocoa
60% cocoa chocolate
Chocolate with milk
White chocolate
Chocolate praline hazelnut
Cocoa chocolate 60% Candied orange
Chocolate cocoa 60% Raspberry
Milk chocolate "Kikos
White chocolate passion fruit
Crunchy coconut milk chocolate
Caramelised hazelnut praline chocolate
Almond milk chocolate
Milk Chocolate Hazelnut
Cocoa chocolate 60% Almond
Cocoa chocolate 60% Hazelnut