Jolonch stone-baked chocolate, a true piece of craftsmanship
The most autochthonous and oldest variety of chocolate in Agramunt is known as Chocolate a la piedra. This type of chocolate contains only cocoa, sugar, rice flour and cinnamon or vanilla essence. The raw cocoa beans arrive at the workshop already fermented. The chocolate production process uses a traditional technology that allows each chocolate bar to be an authentic piece of craftsmanship.

Cocoa roasting
The first step in turning cocoa into chocolate is to roast it. To roast the cocoa, we use a machine consisting of a large sphere that rotates on its horizontal axis; this sphere is filled with cocoa beans and, with the help of a guide, we place it in a huge cooker that heats up with holm oak wood and roasts the cocoa from below until it reaches the exact roasting point, the one that only a good chocolatier can do.
We grind the cocoa
Then, the cocoa paste coming out of the roaster is mixed in the right proportions with the sugar, the rice flour and the various essences. The mixing of these elements, and the subsequent grinding process, is carried out with a granite stone mixer which allows the remaining elements to be perfectly assimilated.
We refine the chocolate
Later, the refining process takes place. An operation that gives the chocolate paste an impeccable fineness and regularity. 
We weigh the chocolate and make portions
Once the paste is well refined, it is placed in the weighing machine, a machine that weighs the paste and separates it into portions. For each chocolate bar, two portions of paste are used, which are placed in a wooden mould.
We mark the chocolate 
The chocolate is then shaped into squares.
Put it in the fridge
Put the moulds in the fridge for 45 to 50 minutes

Wrap the chocolate
Finally, after this time, the bars are ready to wrap and serve.