Since the late eighteenth century, when Jolonch began production, has been producing chocolate almost uninterrupted to this day, despite having had to adapt to the different political and economic circumstances experienced by the Catalan society over the years. The first workshop that used Jolonch family was located in the old town, the street with the crossing of Zion Aspi, in a building called "Old Cal Jolonch." In 1905, the workshop moved to a new building acquired by the family, between Avenida Mariano Jolonch Square and Pou.


This location is where even today there is the Chocolate Jolonch. Today, still used traditional methods of preparation and given the age of the house, the factory has become a veritable museum of utensils that have been used since the time of its foundation. In 2013, the family decided to leave Jolonch producing chocolate and businessman Angel Velasco, owner of Nougat Vicens, acquired the firm in order to provide continuity and projection. The factory is considered a gem of the first industrialization Agramunt and has remained over the years in optimum operating conditions.