Chocolate Jolonch is the oldest chocolate factory Agramunt and the only two historical still works today. Since the late eighteenth century, the company has been passed from generation to generation. It is worth recalling the figure of one of its owners, Marian Jolonch, who first moved the workshop of chocolate to your current location, and who built a flour mill on the side, which was a great improvement marketing of maize throughout the area. In addition, Marian Jolonch also actively involved in improving the electricity supply Agramunt and therefore Avenue that passes in front of the factory has received its name.


Throughout its history, chocolate has been characterized mainly by Jolonch manufacturing chocolate stone, considered the native variety of chocolate Agramunt. Interestingly, the name "stone" comes not, as one might think, the hardness of the chocolate, but the granite formerly used by artisans in the process of preparing to heat and grind cocoa until becomes a liquid mass. From 1920 until the early 50's, the chocolate bars they could find collections of cards with different themes such as the Crusades or futuristic inventions that helped popularize Jolonch Chocolate and chocolate Agramunt stone in general.


The history of chocolate is linked Jolonch always a production entirely handmade and high quality. The reputation already at that time had Jolonch Chocolate and chocolate Agramunt is shown by the fact that President Lluís Companys, before being shot by Franco's army in 1940, at last will requested a piece of chocolate (stone) Agramunt, as explained in the book by Joseph Benedict "Exile and death of president Companys." His sisters, knowing that would make happy, some took a piece.